Mom, Model, Writer... and so much more!

You don't have to be thin to be beautiful.

"Woe betide the emotions inside the silence of the storm, and in the eve the only reprieve.... a rose among the thorns."

A Note to Family, Friends, and Fans

Hello everyone and welcome to my website!

Here is where I will share all of my work. My modeling, my poetry, and my photography info. I want to make this a site where everyone can come together and discuss the various art forms out there. I especially want to put emphasis on self-awareness, acceptance, understanding, and compassion as you will see when you delve further into this website. 

However, if you make it no further than this home page then I would like to leave you with this: "You are beautiful and amazing." Because it doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, or anything like that. There is beauty in everyone, and everyone has the potential for greatness. 



  • "I have worked with Alicia since the very beginning of her modeling career. She is one of those few people who is a natural at it. I have found Alicia to be fun loving yet seri..."
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  • "I had the opportunity to work with Alicia on a photo shoot in the Spring of 2011. She is a lovely young woman who brings to shoots a passion for modeling, a wealth of ideas, and..."
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